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Why Elementor?

Faster Time to Value

Elementor page builder shaves days or even weeks off of the time it takes to build a custom site

Easy to Change

Button shadows are great but their either on or off. A little bit of CSS removes the shadow when the buttons aren’t hovered. Nice.

Expansion Options

Add some perspective to your columns. Give the column a class of left-perspective or right-perspective.

Add Your Heading Text Here

I am available to help on your project and in some cases, individual issue resolution consulting.

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Elementor SEO

Technical SEO

Make sure your site and your content is able to be properly crawled and indexed by search engines. Then take it up a notch with technical SEO techniques.

On Site SEO

Keywords are not words, now they’re phrases. 

SEO for WordPress with Elementor

Great SEO is much more than installing Yoast and creating meta title and description. What makes sense? I can help!

Elementor and Custom CSS

Theme CSS for Elementor

You can customize things in Elementor out of the box from the Advanced tab, from your Theme, or from a plugin like Simple CSS.

Child Themes and Elementor CSS

Child themes can be used for CSS with Elementor and beyond to create a central coder-friendly way to manage site design and functionality. Gulp and SASS help you take this to another level and you can learn more about this with Chris from Supercharge Your Web Agency on the video overview.

Custom CSS for Non-Coders

Not yet comfortable with CSS or still in the process of learning how to use it with Elementor? I prefer the too Microthemer. It has Elementor integration and it can be used to progressively learn CSS and the construction of CSS selectors for Elementor. 

Need more Elementor CSS Help?

Are you looking for assistance or a well defined framework for your site to use custom CSS with Elementor? Find out how Mike can help customize your custom CSS solution to your needs and future proof it from additional changes.

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